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Kwamaquza School is situated at KwaCele Area along Dududu Road. The land was donated by Mr Maquza Mbutho, hence the naming of the school. The school is 87 years old and was built by the community. In the late 1980’s faction fights which took years to resolve forced most of the homestead to relocate. The school was isolated and enrolment dropped drastically, since from 1997 there’s been a gradual return to this area. The school with regards to day to day functioning is doing very well but needs some major renovations with reference to roof, walls and fencing as its getting older.


Vision: To be the best school in the country with a capacity to work in partnership with the community to provide learners with a healthy environment and a sound education foundation.


Mission: We shall to the best of our abilities commit ourselves to develop our learners in totality so that they are best equipped for the next education phase in the process. We shall work in partnership with the community to produce well balanced learners.

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